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McQueen Innovative Transport Inc expands AAM Development

Concept CAD of AeroTae

AI design of VTOL Landing in Corpus Christi

BAP America provides AAM programs for future jobs in Aviation.

Do More Faster, So Others May Live”
— Dan McQueen
SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / -- “Do More Faster, So Others May Live”. Dan McQueen has expanded the A.A.M. (Advanced Air Mobility) business in Texas. McQueen, is the CEO/PTO for MITI (McQueen Innovative Transport Inc), an Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress in District 21 of Texas in the 2024 election and former Mayor of Corpus Christi. He has expanded the air taxi or A.A.M also known as PAV (Personal Aerial Vehicles) business model of his Aircraft design business adding remote training programs to his 2024 plan.
McQueen, a former Software Engineer professor for Columbia College and lead Engineer for the Flight Deck certification of Boeing VC-25B Presidential Aircraft project is expanding outreach for AAM development across mid-Texas. He is heading instruction programs for Junior Air Force One Engineering, Basic Software Engineering, Advanced Air Mobility and addition programs as he drives the focus of economic development in transportation.

His current aircraft design, “AeroTae’” is reaching the final stages of full-scale mock-up and will begin lift testing by 3rd quarter of 2024. In addition, the design of the landing port infrastructure is in review. Using AI (artificial intelligence) to capture conceptual designs before the engineering process for a multi-level VTOL landing structure. McQueen believes Texas will be the leader in city-to-city commute and inner-city sky taxi operations. He is focused on the creation of a VTOL infrastructure that ranges from the coast of Texas to the DFW area, including Austin and San Antonio. His technical team works from the downtown Geekdom location in San Antonio and his BAP America operates downtown Corpus Christi.

The growth of the A.A.M. requires a firm direction in growth of site locations for Personal Arial Transport’s to take off and land. VTOL (Vertical Take off and Land) aircraft are continuing to show the future of the personal transportation market. This infrastructure build design and concept will lead to advancement in the sky taxi and personal air transport business. McQueen believes that to advance true economic growth in our nation and compete with China in the transportation market. Cities need to grab hold of the next iteration of personal transportation. Trending data shows the economic growth of America was directly connected to the advances in transportation: automobiles, trains, boats and aircraft. It is only logical to see the future will embrace personal air transportation. Cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are already saturated in ground transportation creating a massive impact on environmental, economic and cost to our planet. The highway system gridlock in our major cities will not be relieved until we advance into more personal sky transportation systems. By advancing air transportation we can actually plan our way out of gridlock and this massive brick-and-mortar road construction process which takes entirely too long and is over costing the American tax payers.

McQ is currently designing from concept images, inner city condominium landing port communities and urban country land port communities. This will provide centralized service, support, and potential fractional ownership opportunities. It is obvious beyond the focus of personal transportation, military applications are paramount to the MITI business model. Key focus is placed on the autonomous operational characteristics that will enhance Navy’s designed interface and future integration with the AN/UYQ-100 DSS. McQueen has experience in ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) and has conceptual design for applications in submarine hunting and tracking as we look at increased threats in both warfare and drug interdiction applications. The Aero McQ design locations are focusing on the application of multi-platform expansion to allow for additional A.A.M. aircraft to be operational such as Joby or Archer, however primary focus on the MITI (McQueen Innovative Transport Inc) AeroTae’ aircraft as the primary A.A.M. The AeroTae’ (sky jump) personal aerial transport is designed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the forefront of operation. Autonomous operations or autonomous assistance is used in both flight calculations and military operational strategic processes. The second generation AeroTae’ design maintains the concepts of removable/interchangeable propulsion systems, much like the first iteration. However, focus on the second iteration was on operational integration involving sky taxi, personal transportation and military operations. Designed originally for special operations such as SAR (Search and Rescue), SEAL (Sea Air and Land), and ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare). McQueen’s background in Navy SAR and ASW provided insight into improved operation for multi-platform performance enhancements. Current engineering is conducted at the Geekdom in San Antonio, with design-build conducted in both San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Forecast production is estimated in 2024 for FAA test articles as the production process is estimated in the 2025 time period. MITI is currently evaluating manufacturing locations which include Corpus Christi, Dallas, and Houston. NAS Corpus Christi is speculated as a manufacturing test location as DOD begins the evaluation of base use allocations. A spokesman for MITI stated that the NAS location would be both an opportunity in ASW testing in the Gulf of Mexico and also assist in the commercialization of the Naval Air Station.

Focus for the marketing of the AeroTae’ aircraft is directed in the upcoming feature film, “Danny McQ Design Patriot Dogs”. Casting has begun in the Austin and San Antonio area. Primary filming is scheduled to begin in the final month of 2023 with a follow-on into the 2024 calendar year. McQueen has indicated that Texas is the New state for technological growth and with that brings the growth of the Film Industry. He is a member of the Austin Entertainment Business group and is active in film production across the state of Texas. McQueen stated, “Focus on the export products that bring future jobs and elevates the people of Texas is paramount”. McQueen is well known while political campaigning, riding his Triumph Rocket motorcycle across Texas and breaking boards with Karate. Navy Special Operations, Martial Artist, Motorcyclist, Aeronautical Engineer, Politician, without a Tattoo or Piercing. The Triumph Rocket is world renowned for being the fastest production motorcycle manufactured. Flying Motorcycles? The reality is, the future is in Aerial Transportation, regardless of the label.

McQueen is a decorated U.S. Navy Combat Veteran Aviation Warfare SAR

Dan McQueen
McQueen for Congress
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