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ISIS Justice Uncovered in Arizona: United States Supreme Court to Hear Petition

George Kayer, Author

George Kayer is America’s most published prisoner and has recently begun writing interview and P.O.V. articles. Read more of Kayer’s work, ,including the first chapter of his new book, Victimly Insane on Facebook or Victimly Insane.com , Member: AZ Authors Association

By George Kayer

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Alah-Akbar Arizonans

Not even the most hated scumbag group on the planet, ISIS, sentences one of their own to death for allegedly cutting off a man’s finger, but Arizona jurors and judges do.

In fact, four of the last six executions were men who didn’t kill anyone.

A recent petition (1) to the United States Supreme Court details decades of Arizona judges and jurors who routinely and arbitrarily embraced and imposed harsher than ISIS sentences; death sentences, to people who didn’t kill anyone.

When America’s Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty it was intended to be used on cop killers, baby killers, and serial killers. Even worse are cases that the actual killer is released and the person who didn’t participate in the act of murder remains on Death Row.

Example, Jeremy Johnson and Sean Gaines are the two men who killed Mark Mathes 14 years ago. Yet, one lucky Prescott Arizona neighborhood will soon be graced with Mr. Johnson’s presence; he’s being released any day and as one of those redneck comedians use to say: “If you make Honey Bun liquor in your prison cell, you might be an alcoholic.” According to prison records Mr. Johnson was busted for making hooch in his cell. Shall we count the days until Mr. Johnson robs or murders a Prescottonian…or would that be rude?

Bear with me while I paint the contrast of ISIS justice.

Mr. Johnson’s wrongfully convicted co-defendant, Patrick Bearup hasn’t made hooch his past 14 years on Death Row. In contrast, Mr. Bearup is working on his second Ph.D. and is a practicing ordained minister.

This is where I ask Prescottonians who’d ja rather?

Who’d ja rather have as a neighbor, Dr. Bearup or Mr. Johnson?

(1) Abel Daniel Hidalgo: petitioner. In the Supreme Court of The United States on Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

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